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Nov 22, 2012 11:30pm PST
started last evening. >> this is where the voters are and they elected me and sent me to congress and i thought it would be a nice gesture to come back and thank them and ask what they would like to see from me in the coming two years. >>> he would like to get a position on the house transportation committee. >>> churches all over the bay area opened their doors to feed thousands of people in need as many of a third of the people survive on one hundred dollars or less a month. we show you what it was like at two well-known churches in san francisco. >>> every year at saint anthony's new faces and those of families that come back year after year. >> we love the food. it is clean. >> this family have been coming to saint anthony's for 7 years. >> we also live in traditional housing. it is hard to meet the food bills. we are always short. >> saint anthony's will serve 4000 meals on this day. the need has increased despite improving economy. >>> our folks just back in 2008 felt the recession first. they'll feel the effects of coming out of it the last. >>> saint anthony's has been providing
Nov 26, 2012 11:30pm PST
be in the race to replace debra boing. the secretary of state oversees the state's elections. 1million californians recently took advantage of a law yee authored enabling californians to register to vote online. >>> prosecutors say kinde durkee pled guilty of stealing money from her clients including senator feinstein. >>> a phony press release was posted on pr web announcing google has purrtured ikoa for $400 million. ikoa stock raised sharply but dropped back when the company's ceo said there was no sale. there's no word yet if the secures and exchange commission will look into the matter. >>> concerns about the looming fiscal cliff and how that could affect state tax. noelle walker looks at how much the average investor could pay at the beginning of the year. >> reporter: whráepb the bell rings, -- when the bell rings, it was an up and down day. >> how the u.s. economy is going to be doing. >> reporter: one thing that kept stocks on an even keel, holiday retail sales are already up and many are giving themselves the gift of stockdividends this year. why sale? right now the capital
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2